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Local employment boosted as Radian helps 500th person into work

One of the south’s leading housing and support providers, Radian, has aided local employment by helping 500 people find work in Hampshire and Berkshire, including the city of Southampton. The Radian Employment, Support and Training Project (EST) was originally established with the aim of reducing unemployment in Hampshire, Berkshire and the surrounding areas, and this important milestone is a key driver to help boost local employment.

The unemployment rate is steadily dropping, and with the help of projects like Radian’s EST supporting the unemployed, it is hoped that these figures will continue to fall. 

The housing association recognised the high level of unemployment amongst their residents, and since 2012 EST has gone on to find 500 residents and non-residents work and get over 1,000 Hampshire residents into training. Having joined the EST team three years ago on a work placement, Bryony Vine, 24 from Portsmouth, has since helped EST reach its milestone being its 500th person by gaining additional part time employment at PPG Print as a Print Assistant.

Bryony, who has a Specific Learning Difficulty (SPLD) and Dyslexia commented: “I was apprehensive about working in an office environment, but was well supported and quickly picked up administration duties including filing, scanning documents and updating information.

“I felt that having a learning difficulty would mean that I would be judged and compared. I was scared about not meeting my own expectations or being able to complete my daily duties. I was worried about not feeling valued personally and professionally. The EST staff helped me overcome these anxieties and I really feel a valued member of the team.”

EST works with the unemployed helping them secure work by delivering a range of intensive, short to medium term training and employment support.

Initially EST was established as a three year pilot with the aim of supporting 60 residents into employment and 1,000 into training. The team exceeded their target, supporting 331 people into employment and 1,173 into training in those first three years and since becoming a permanent service provided by Radian, has gone on to support a further 169 people into work taking the total to an outstanding 500.

Chris Adams, Employment and Training Manager, has been at the forefront of EST’s successes since the beginning of the Project, Chris said:

“It’s been fantastic to watch the growth of such a successful project that makes an amazing difference to people’s lives. Bryony’s progression over the last three years has been incredible to witness and securing employment within Portsmouth is a very well deserved outcome highlighting how, with support, she has strived forward and achieved her goal.

“Radian is much more than a Social Landlord – it is an organisation that believes in building successful communities as well as houses.”


Date published: 7th November 2016