Working in partnership to deliver affordable homes throughout the south of England.

Key Objectives

Wayfarer aims to use the expertise and resources of its members to meet the challenges of creating affordable homes within sustainable communities.

  • Focus on delivering the Homes England's 2016-2021 programme
  • Focus on delivering the Homes England's 2015-2018 programme, building a thousand homes over the three year period 
  • Deliver cost efficiencies in housing procurement, development and cost in use
  • Deliver improvements in the quality, design and environmental performance of housing
  • To influence housing and regeneration policy for the future
Petersfield Housing Association Paddock Way, Petersfield Fareham Borough Council Collingwood House, Fareham
  • Maximise the use of available resources to deliver sustainable mixed tenure neighbourhoods
  • Form partnerships with public and private funders, developers, land owners and other bodies for long term programmes
  • Expand membership to enhance our range of expertise and regional representation
  • To be a leader in delivering sustainable developments through collaboration and knowledge sharing and together prepare best practice approaches for the Government's low and zero carbon homes agenda.
Havant Housing Association Homewell House, Havant Two Saints Newtown Road,Newbury. One of our clients (Rommie) receiving training on site Greenoak Housing Association Dartmouth Avenue, Woking